Informatión del producto
Madam Petit verkleedkleding, mooi, veilig en duurzaam. Hand gemaakt van natuurlijke stoffen en wol.
Een lust voor het oog en een feest om in te spelen.
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Informatión del producto -Inglés-


Order Information  –  Washing instructions  –  Delivery  –  Return  –  Guarantee

More information u can find in the Terms & Conditions.


Order Information.

  • Payment

The prices indicated on the Website are denominated in Euros, British pounds or US dollars and are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and are exclusive of shipping costs. You can pay with Paypal express checkout service multi-currencies, in these currency, although we prefer payment in Euros. In Euros you can choose many payment options to pay with. In US Dollars an British Pound only with Paypal, within paypal you can choose creditcard as well.

  • Privacy

We need your personal information to process your order. This information is only used by us to process orders. This information will not be provided to third parties.

Washing instructions.

  • All clothes from Madam Petit should only be steamed (dry clean only).
  • Many animals need some time to acclimatise and generate fluff, this is quite normal. Once used to its new home it will soon be over.
  • If the garment is something wrinkled, hang it outside in the morning fog or iron it on the ‘wool‘ setting with STEAM.
  • Wool is a natural product, these animals do not like much water..


  • Madam Petit strives to orders within 2 business days after receipt of the shipment. In any event within fourteen (14) days, to the address indicated by you, provided that MadamPetit has received the full Purchase Price, and if both parties have agreed on a longer delivery period. For example a child’s birthday party.
  • As soon as we have delivered the package you can check the time your package will be delivered with the Track&Trace code.
  • We will try to deliver with agreed delivery dates as much as possible and if the product is in stock we will manage to get it on post in time. However, we make the products ourselfs we still are depended on our beautiful WoolFelt materials; which are provided by third parties. With the information that such third parties gives we calculate the worktime to finish the product you would like; so therefore we need to extent our delivery process to fourteen (14) days.
  • All shipments are sent on MadamPetit’s responsibility. When an order is shipped you will receive an e-mail message automatically. In this e-mail, you will find the Track&Trace code, this allows you to Trace your package and follow the sending process. In the Menu of the site you can also find Track&Trace, there you can then enter the number and the postal company (, DPD, UPS or DHL)


Shipping costs

  • Within Europe we use three (3) fixed prices, EUR 1,2,3. And the rest of the world we use “Outside Europe”, which is also a fixed price. You can check with the “Shipping calculator” (Cart page), this will show your shipping price. We keep these prices as low as possible as a service to you!


  • You will be entitled to return the Product that has been delivered, free of charge, within a term of 14 days after the Product has been received. In the manner indicated by MadamPetit, provided that the Product has not been worn (trying on clothing is permitted), is undamaged and (insofar as possible) is in the original and undamaged packaging. You can also exchange for another, equivalent Product.
  • Other details on returns can be found in the Terms&Conditions.


  • The warranty period on the clothing is 3 months after receive of the clothing. Of course, this warranty valid only at a normal frequency of wear and hand wash. In addition, the reasonably foreseeable lifetime of the garment also 3 months.
  • If a product within the warranty period show a defect, please contact MadamPetit ( When we have determined the defect also, we fix, or replace the product as soon as possible. This can take one to four (1-4) weeks. If the product has been washed in a wrong way, then the product is excluded from warranty.
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